“The safety of our visitors, employees and associates”, while the “increasing trend of confirmed cases contributed to the decision.

“From the first moment the COVID19 pandemic broke out, we handled the situation vigorously, constantly informing you of any developments.
Our responsibility, reliability and unparalleled hospitality have always been the triptych of our successful course.
Although the company has fully complied with COVID-19 healthcare protocols, creating the most complete protocol with international partnerships, the safety of our visitors, employees and associates is paramount.
After mature thinking and weighing the unprecedented situation we face in combination with the uncharted waters of disease progression and spread, as well as the growing trend of confirmed cases in many countries, we decided our hotel not to operate for the summer 2020.
We want everyone to be carefree so they can enjoy our beautiful hotel when we meet again, so we will dedicate this time to preparing for it and welcome you again in 2021 doing what we do best … giving you memories forever.

Από το fb του Regina Dell’ Acqua

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